Welcome to the new website of the company Delbo Grafische Materialen BVBA. A small enterprise with a very large range of products. The purpose of this website is to promote our company and our products. Our product range is mainly focussed on Printing houses, copy shops and schools. Of course these are not our only customers, we can also include to this group graphic artists and individuals.

To help you find your product of interest we now have included in this website a search feature (top right) beside the traditional menu (on the left).

Keep in mind that, even if you cannot immediately find your product, you still might be available on our website but under a different description. So you might want to try a different search phrase.

If you really can't find the product that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us. Possibly the item hasn't been added to our website yet or it might not even be included in our range of products. What's not added in our range might be added on your request to our range in the near future.

If we can't supply you, we still might be able to redirect your to one of our partners in our network.