Terms of sales

  1. Our prices are not negotiable and shipping fees are not included. Vat is also not included.
  2. All ordered goods can be inspected in our company and are shipped at the customers own risk. Of course we take care in packaging to minimize this risk.
  3. All ordered goods remain the property of the seller until they are paid in full.
  4. If there is mention of a delivery time this is always an estimate and under no circumstance the seller can be held accountable for delays in delivery.
  5. We cannot be held accountable for an item that has run out of stock, even if the item is said to be in stock according to our website. If an ordered item has accidentally run out of stock because of unforeseen sales, we will always try to inform you of this problem with an estimate of when our stock will be replenished.
  6. If necessary we can always attempt to ship an order partially if it is not completely on stock, but this is only upon request of the customer and if necessary a shipping fee will have to paid for the partial delivery.
  7. A partial delivery doesn’t give the customer the right to forsake payment of the associated invoice(s).
  8. Invoices always have to be paid in full within 60 days of the invoice date. Except orders placed through our website, these orders always have to be paid upon placing the order.
  9. Invoices not paid in full after there due date, will be subject to a 12% yearly interest rate that is allowed by law and without notification.
  10. Invoices not paid in full after there due date, without any notification, the unpaid amount will be raised by 10%  with a minimum of € 50,00.
  11. All complaints have to be done within 8 days after receiving the purchased goods. This notification is only valid if it is done in a written form. Of course you can always contact us by phone, but don’t forget to officially send your complaint written as well.
  12. In disagreements only the official court of Eeklo (Belgium) will have jurisdiction the handle all differences.
  13. We retain the right at all moments to modify our prices without prior notice. If you would like to know the exact price for an order, you can always opt for a price confirmation the moment that you actually place your order.


Terms for returning products

Return policy:

1) Only unopened and undamaged consumables can be returned in their original packaging. Machines and devices cannot be returned. This is to prevent that customers use the machine for one job and than return, stating that it hasn't been used.

2) Returning goods is at you own expense and the risks, like damage during transport or risk of loss is also for the account of the customer. So make sure that returned goods are thoroughly packed and labelled.

3) You have the right to return goods within a term of 14 days, without stating a reason.

4) The window of opportunity to return goods ends after 14 days following the day of reception of the goods, either at your own adress or the adress that you designated for delivery.

5) If you have the intention to return certain goods, you will have to inform us of your decision prior to returning the goods. To exercise your right of revocation you have to contact us, Grafische Materialen Delbo BVBA, Stationsplein nr. 7, B-9990 Maldegem, België, telefoonnr. +32 (0)50/71.25.72 Fax +32 (0)50/71.72.11 E-mail: bestel@delbo.be, in a written manner (you can use the form below if you want), with an unambiguous statement.

6) Returning of the paid amounts/funds is only effected after reception AND inspection of the goods returned. The costs of the original transport will be deducted from the total amount that will be reimbursed.


Stationsplein 7

TEL: +32 (0)50/71.25.72
FAX: +32 (0)50/71.72.11
Email:  bestel@delbo.be


- I/We* declare to you that with this message I/We* would like to inform you that I/We* would like to return the goods that we purchased from your company.

- Order date(*) / Order received on (*)

- Description of goods that will be returned (*)

- Name/Names* of customer

- Adress of customer*

- Signature of consumer (only necessary when a paper form is sent)

- Date*