On our website all our products have been listed into 1 or more categories. This will enable you to easily find the product that you are looking for, if you don’t know it’s correct name or description.

Below you will find a list of categories, but keep in mind that this list is far from complete. A complete list would become way to long. It is advisable to play a bit with the unfolding menu-bar on the left side of this website. This way you will get a feeling of what you can find on this website.

1. Finishing products:
1.1 Products for document binding
1.2 Products for laminating documents
1.3 Folding machines
1.4 Cutting machines/guillotines
1.5 Paper drilling machines
1.6 Double sided adhesive tapes / transfer tapes
1.7 ...

2. Typo-material
2.1 Self-locating creasing matrix
2.2 Duploflex Fol, clichétape
2.3 Metallic counterplate for typo-presses
2.4 ...

3. Offset-material
3.1 Per-F-off-set ®
3.2 Creasing strips
3.3 ...

4. Embossing- and/or Hotfoilprinting
4.1 Polymer plates
4.2 Hotfoil types
4.3 Magnesium clichés
4.4 Messing clichés
4.5 Prägo-materials
4.6 ...

5. Thermographic powders + machines

6. Packaging tapes

7. Printable media

8. ...